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When you support Utica University, you ensure that our mission is carried out in the following key areas:


Empowering students to achieve their goals is at the heart of Utica University’s mission. Graduating and receiving a degree is essential for learners—especially learners from underserved communities—to reach their fullest potential. As a result, your support enables Utica University to drive programs that increase graduation rates. Examples include creating academic offerings that attract and retain underserved student populations, and a coherent model of experiential learning opportunities that integrate major-related experiences for first-year students.

Hear from Kelley Hughes ’21 and other recent grads about the difference their scholarship support made in helping them to graduate and pursue their career goals.


Through a diverse college community, students can feel free to express themselves and their thoughts while gaining valuable exposure to different perspectives and ideas in positive ways. Supporters like you ensure that Utica University can continue to foster an inclusive and diverse learning environment with initiatives like opening a new Intercultural and Student Organization Center, implementing professional development in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and establishing new academic offerings directly supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

See how Utica University’s real world learning experiences help to attract the best and brightest, like recent graduate Marcus Recile ’18.

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Expanding Utica University’s reach by targeting and recruiting students in an intentional way benefits all Utica University learners. Being intentional in our recruitment efforts will also elevate the University’s collegiate stature and financial wellbeing. With your support, we can continue our concerted efforts to reach tomorrow’s Utica University students, offering academic options that appeal to potential learners.

Hear from Arsadur Rahman ’16, a business economics major from Bangladesh, about his program and experience in the Utica University community.


The future of Utica University is dependent on the generosity of our supporters as well as prudent financial planning. Philanthropic support plays a pivotal role in ensuring that Utica University continues to be financially sustainable as we grow and elevate our academic and experiential learning programs. Contributions to our endowment, which provides a reliable source of income for the future, as well as efforts to diversify revenue streams and limit institutional debt, and all contribute to a tomorrow where Utica University continues to be financially stable and secure.

Graduates like Cassie Plows ’18 understand the need for financial stability. See how her education enabled her to land the job of her dreams upon graduation.


Utica University is a values-driven institution, and an important way that students experience this is through a sense of community and collaboration across our campus. Your generous support ensures that we can continue our history of offering an environment where students can achieve their goals and live up to their fullest potential—together. Your contributions affect this facet of Utica University by helping to enhance collaboration and innovation among faculty, staff, and administration to produce superior performance, improve college-wide communications, and continually improve emergency management preparedness, among other initiatives.

See how Utica University’s unique culture enabled Taylor Paine ’17 to gain tactical experience and receive a degree in the traditionally male-dominated field of construction.

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“I feel really blessed to be able to say that I love what I do. I’m really passionate about my career as a physical therapist. I wouldn’t be able to say that without the experience and education that I received from Utica University.”

Cassie Plows ’18, Utica University Grad

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